Who we are.

Our founders

Founders know that all paths lead to product.

We know this from experience. We’re founders, but we’ve also been operators, builders, partners, and consultants. We’ve worked in and for early-stage startups and global brands, all over the world and across industries. We know every business is unique because we’ve really been there. We bring the energy, drive, and responsibility of founders to every problem.

Carl Cousin

Co-founder & Partnerships

Carl was born in Hamburg, studied at IE Business School and has previously worked at Mangrove Capital Partners, specializing in early-stage venture investing. Carl has spent most of his career building startups (Slotbox (RIP), Oceanis.io, MVP Factory) and supporting founders globally. Aside from the day-to-day, he runs record label Moody Collective and a boutique music festival in Spain.


Jakob Schwankhaus

Co-founder & Managing Director

Jakob was born in Hamburg, studied at the Rotterdam School of Management and previously worked at CORE SE – a Technology Think Tank focused on managing complex technology and organizational transformations for institutions. He doesn’t shy away from complex delivery models and architectures, working across banking, insurance, and identity management to do just that.


Muamer Cisija

Co-founder & President of Symphony

Muamer was born in Bosnia, grew up in Denmark, got an MBA from Stanford, and has previously worked at Morgan Stanley in SF, specializing in Tech Mergers and Acquisitions. He co-founded Symphony in 2009 and spends his time building long-term collaborations between his team and the most ambitious teams in the valley and the world.


Haris Memic

Co-founder & CEO of Symphony

Haris was born in Serbia, grew up in Holland, studied Information Technology at The Hague School and has international experience working on and leading engineering teams. As CEO and co-founder of Symphony, he’s spent the last 10 years creating access and opportunity for the most talented engineers globally to deliver world-class work.


TrueNode Symphony

Where a product studio meets a technology house.

TrueNode and Symphony are partners on a mission to crack the toughest challenges in product development and technology.

At TrueNode, we’ve designed a methodology that empowers our team to design and build products like co-founders in new ventures.

For more than 10 years, Symphony has been building thriving teams of engineers that empower global founders to make their vision real.

Together, we are an integrated team of multi-disciplinary product people with deep technical know-how that can deliver end-to-end projects.

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We’re always looking for people.

TrueNode is built on friendship. We’re carefully growing our dynamic team because we know people are everything. We’re looking for people who share our values, because our values become our culture by guiding our actions, every day.

Our values

Founder Integrity

Our work is an expression of ourselves and we don’t compromise on our integrity. We bring the energy, drive, and responsibility of founders to every problem.

Creative Obsession

We honor the unconventional in our deep desire to understand the problem from all angles and we keep at it until we make complexity manageable.

Common Purpose

Good work starts with clarity of vision. We always ask, what are we trying to accomplish? We always align towards a common North Star.


Markets change. Technologies change. Feedback is real. What was great yesterday may not be great today. We can take thoughtful risks because we use data to measure what matters and adapt with honesty.

Outcomes, not outputs

We are accountable for our results, and work to see adoption. We take a zero bullshit approach to getting things done the right way.


Every problem is an opportunity to do world-class work. We’re ready for the adventure and we don’t shy away from the challenge.

If you see yourself in our values, we would love to hear from you, and figure out how we can join forces.

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