Case Study

Leading Online Pharmacy

By TrueNode
23 March 2022, 15:37


  • 1stMarketplace of this kind in EU

  • 20kAdditional products

  • 8MActive customers

The story

One of the leading European Pharmaceutical Retailers approached us for support delivering a marketplace on top of the existing e-commerce platform.

The client’s motivation was to move away from the outdated technology stack, transform their organizational model and to offer an improved customer experience by introducing more products and services.

Our main challenge was to onboard 7 cross-functional teams within a short period of time while understanding the current technical basis and business objectives. Overall, this project consisted of 100+ active stakeholders that worked on one product which required excellent planning and alignment.

The solution

We put together 7 development teams that developed the entire marketplace within just 7 months. We added improvements and new services to the existing architecture that greatly improved the flexibility and efficiency of the online shop. The marketplace was launched in October 2021 with 20k additional products from over 30 3rd party providers. This enabled sustainable growth of new assortment, better efficiency due to new technologies and organisational model as well as faster time to market of new products and services.


The client is a leading European pharmaceutical marketplace that provides over-the-counter drugs, beauty, and personal care products online to more than 8 million active customers.