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Midas Healthcare GmbH (affiliated to Midas Pharma), a pharmaceutical leader from Ingelheim, Germany, engaged us along with another marketing agency to develop the website of their new brand ‘LaVieCal’ which offers nutritional drinks for malnourished, elders and cancer patients.
Launching an entirely new brand and product successfully required Midas to analyse their competition thoroughly, design a user experience suitable for their new target audience and validate the website’s user flow and design with test customers in great detail.



To meet Midas’ ambitious goals, we performed a diligent competitor research and created a user-friendly website structure through detailed user stories, comprehensive user flows, and sitemap. High Fidelity Wireframes translated our structure into tangible design.
User testing was a pivotal point of our project. The client’s preferences initially guided design, but results favored our expert recommendations. The final product blends the client choices with user-centric design insights.
We crafted wireframes for the key sections of the website: Homepage, Product Details, Product List, About Us, Blog/Magazine, LaVieCal Usage, Services, Healthcare Professionals, and Store Locator.

Crafting a Competitive Edge

We conducted a thorough competitor analysis in order to discover valuable insights about their strengths and opportunities for differentiation.

User-Centric Design and Iterative Excellence

Building upon user personas established at Midas, we meticulously crafted user stories to illuminate the diverse needs and aspirations of our audience. These narratives served as the foundation for a seamless user flow chart, ensuring an intuitive navigation experience through the website. Simultaneously, we developed a visually compelling sitemap to organise the content effectively. Transitioning to the wireframing and prototyping phase, our focal point remained user testing, an integral element in identifying areas for improvement and refining the overall user experience. Following rigorous testing, insights were synthesised into a clear board, spotlighting pain points, moments of delight, and key participant comments. In response to tight timelines, we engaged in targeted discussions to swiftly integrate efficient changes, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly final design. Our deliverables, extending beyond aesthetics, included high-fidelity wireframes in Figma, empowering Midas for continuous website maintenance and facilitating growth on their digital journey.


Midas Healthcare GmbH (affiliated to Midas Pharma), a global pharmaceutical powerhouse, connects industry players and expertise across the entire value chain. With over 30 years of leadership, Midas Pharma specialize in project management within pharmaceutical supply chains. Their extensive portfolio includes sourcing, supplying, and developing finished products, active ingredients, and intermediates.
With a team of over 250 experts, Midas Pharma navigates every stage of the pharmaceutical value chain, shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and dedication to excellence.

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Midas Healthcare GmbH, a pharmaceutical leader from Ingelheim, Germany, engaged us along with another marketing agency to develop the website of their new brand ‘LaVieCal’.

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