About Us

We turn the mystery of product-obsession into a methodology and act as one team

What we do

We build products like ventures

because we have a deep desire to get things done right. We bring together product design, growth marketing, and engineering on a single team and we focus on validation, just like a venture

We work on the core, not the cosmetic

because we only work on things we really believe in and we do it the way we would for ourselves. We work with corporates that want impactful product innovation, and startups that want to supercharge product development.

Meet the people behind TrueNode

Jakob Schwankhaus
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Luisa Groos
Lead Product Manager
David Falk
Managing Partner
Cansu Kipirdi
Lead Product Designer
Board members
Haris Memic
& CEO of Symphony
Muamer Cisija
& President of Symphony
Katharina Schmitt
Board Member
& CBO of Symphony
Carl Cousin

Our Manifesto

We are

-> here for the entrepreneurs, the builders, the intrapreneurs and the idea people; The execution people who really want to get things done.

-> here for the ‘bored of innovation theatre’ people, the ‘fed up with black-box agency” people, the ‘how are we actually going to build this’ people. We’re here for the product people.

-> here for the operators that believe all paths lead to product. We bring the lean, fast, data-driven spirit of venture into our partnerships with executives or product teams so we can deliver products that matter.


TrueNode x Symphony

Where a product studio meets a technology house.

TrueNode and Symphony are partners on a mission to crack the toughest challenges in product development and technology.

Together, we are an integrated team of multi-disciplinary product people with deep technical know-how that can deliver end-to-end projects.

550+ Full-time engineers
15+ Years of experience
10 Offices globally

Our Values

Founder Integrity

Our work is an expression of ourselves and we don’t compromise on our integrity. We bring the energy, and responsibility of founders to every problem.

Creative Obsession

We honor the unconventional in our deep desire to understand the problem from all angles and we keep at it until we make complexity manageable.

Common Purpose

Good work starts with clarity of vision. We always ask, what are we trying to accomplish? We always align towards a common North Star.

Outcomes, Not Outputs

We are accountable for our results, and work to see adoption. We take a zero bullshit approach to getting things done the right way.


Markets change. Technologies change. Feedback is real. What was great yesterday may not be great today. We can take thoughful risks because we use data to measure what matters and adapt with honesty.


Every problem is an opportunity to do world class work. We ‘re ready for the adventure and we don’t shy waay from the challenge.


Become part of the TrueNode Team

If you see yourself in our values, we would love to hear from you and figure out how we can join forces. We’re carefully growing our dynamic team because we know people are everything. We welcome people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and genders. We’re looking for people who share our values, because our values become our culture by guiding our actions every day.

Our Locations

TrueNode HQ

Adalbertstrasse 20
10997 Berlin, Germany

Other offices

San Francisco
US Office
NL Office
UK Office

Engineering hubs

Engineering Hub
Novi Sad
Engineering Hub
Engineering Hub
Engineering Hub
Engineering Hub
Remote Hub
Engineering Hub

Let's build great digital products together

    Can you help me to explore and validate a product idea?
    How can you help me to scale digital innovation within my organization?
    What skills do you have available?