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Where product design meets growth hacking.

TrueSprint is a 4-week process to critically backtest and validate product assumptions through design, prototyping, qualitative user testing and quantitative market evidence. Instead of spending months, planning and building complex and expensive products, whose market acceptance hasn’t been tested. TrueSprints reduces the needed work to the essentials. Let’s takeout the guesswork. Sprints replace many weeks of brainstorming, meetings and product building.


TrueNode Growth Hacking

We firmly believe in the principles of data-driven product validation and human-centered design. That’s why we developed a model that pairs the mechanics of product design and growth hacking.


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Our work

Let’s work on the essentials and validate live.

We focus our sprint formats on product and growth to turn a hypothesis into reality. Real users are harsh, so let’s not get stuck to our dreams and adapt accordingly. Most products die through obesity, therefore we connect qualitative and quantitative events to bigger goals.

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Our model pairs a best of breed approach

We believe in paring capabilities and skills from different disciplines. By combining Product Design and Growth Hacking we are able to deliver a comprehensive solution. 


We believe in Outcomes over Output..
..but you may still expect the following benefits

  • 4x faster – rapidly prototyping ideas
  • 80% less product debt – define your roadmap with validated ideas
  • 2x month faster – performance marketing report & funnel analysis
  • 100% assurance – your ideas are validated by real users
  • 100% value add – bring your team and ideas closer together


  • Week 1



    • Business Goals
    • Market Research
    • Understand problem space
    • Define key focus


    • Competitor analysis
    • Initial definition of high-level test cases
    • Setup of growth tools
    • Definition of to-be-verified thesis
  • Week 2



    • Define challenge
    • Ideate and vote on the best solution
    • Design and build prototype
    • Test prototype


    • Define to-be- validated buyers personas
    • Value proposition
    • Core messaging and storytelling
  • Week 3



    • Revise solution
    • Iterate and prototype
    • Re-test


    • Implement a/b-test campaign prototypes
    • Setup and implementation
    • Concept and implementation
  • Week 4



    • Executive summary
    • Consolidate sprint outcome
    • Recommended next steps


    • Analysis of campaign results
    • Picking of winners
    • Refreshing thesis backlog


We are builders!

Getting started is more important than being right. We help you prioritize the most important challenges to get started on. Don’t worry you’ll quickly pick up the experimentation mindset.

Don’t rely on guesswork

We love being creative, but let’s cut through the noise and focus on applicable learnings. Google Ventures has battle-tested this process and it works, repeatedly, on all sorts of topics.


The outcome of our sprint is a collective effort. Mutual respect and reciprocity are key pillars to a successful sprint. Let’s create this equal environment for everyone to have a voice in how a challenge can be solved.

Focus, Focus, Focus

We all have spent too much time in meetings without outcome. Sprinting structures conversations and focus around a tangible shared objective. To not get sidetracked throughout digital distractions are a no go.

If you have a product challenge at hand, we would love to hear from you, and figure out how we can join forces.

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