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By TrueNode
07 February 2020, 12:30

Decoding the epigenome


  • +13.000hWorked with Epinomics

  • +100 GBOf Data per Sample

  • MicroservicesIncreased Flexibility and Scalability 2-fold

The story

Epinomics approached us with the vision to form a platform ecosystem that leverages deep analytics and processes large data sets to decode the epigenome in order to make sense of personalized medicine data.

Our engineering team was responsible for the design, solution architecture, development, and maintenance of the platform that enables data processing and interaction between Epinomics scientists and their clients as well as partners. It allows users to enter sample data, choose the type of analysis they wanted to run, and keep track of sample processing stages. We also transferred the solution from a monolithic to a microservices architecture which ensured greater flexibility, easier maintenance, and scalability.

Epinomics got acquired by Softbank-backed 10x Genomics

Epinomics develops technologies for epigenetics research. Epigenetics is a buzzing field, as scientists have learned in recent years that sequencing genes is not sufficient to understand human health.

The genome sequencing space is outpacing Moore’s Law

Cost to sequence genetic information has dropped quicker than predicted by Moore’s Law, a long-standing theory that computing power available for the same price doubles about every 18 months to two years. The price of sequencing plummeted from about $10 million to $1,000 in less than a decade, making Moore’s Law look sedate.

Epigenetics refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes "on" or "off."

To create a practical diagnostic test for a given cancer, several thousand genes must be compared from cancerous and healthy cells, identifying changes in the DNA methylation of one or more genes that correlate with the disease.


Epinomics is revolutionizing personalized medicine through scientific research and deep analytics. Being dedicated to the vision to decode the programming of our genome to drive personalized medicine and proprietary epigenomics technology with 1000x improvement over existing technologies to impact drug development and clinical applications. Since 2018 Epinomics has been acquired by 10x Genomics.


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