Case Study

Leading multinational medical devices and healthcare company

By TrueNode
09 March 2023, 13:49


  • Operating in 160 countries

  • Expansion of Design Systems

  • Implementation in 4 months

The story

One of the top American multinational corporations for medical devices, healthcare and nutrition needed consultation and operational work to help them achieve the following goals:

  • Enable design updates to happen at scale across the whole organisation and its various brands, operating in over 160 countries.
  • Improve efficiency and collaboration between their numerous global design and development teams, simultaneously increasing productivity and consistency, saving time, and reducing costs.
  • Promote a clear image to their customers, appealing to both patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Allow their users to purchase medical devices and products as a guest.
  • Adhere to accessibility guidelines and better serve a more diverse range of customers.

The solution

Firstly, we expanded the company’s atomic design system across their core site and numerous brand lines. Working closely with their developers, we improved the system by adding consistency and variables to components and introducing a spacing convention and responsive grids. 

Next, collaborating with their team on Sketch, InVision, Abstract, Jira, and Miro, we worked on a streamlined approach to bring every in-house designer and developer from each brand under one set of user-centric design guidelines and components, finding a happy medium to ensure the least change and disruption possible for each branch.

This update helped design and development teams to collaborate efficiently and finally allowed vast design changes to happen quickly and at scale across their entire digital presence. On the customer-facing side, it unified the company’s identity to communicate consistently across their lines of business and maintain a clear, patient-focused image.

To improve the accessibility and inclusivity of the company’s digital presence we updated and introduced elements to their design system such as new state indicators, colour contrast and typographic guidelines for readability; stylistic consistency for learnability; diverse photographic imagery with ARIA labels, and transcripts and closed caption subtitles on video content. 

Last but not least, we used the design system and research data to efficiently design an interactive mobile guest checkout prototype and new responsive homepage and product detail pages for one of their brands. A strong focus on usability, navigation, CTAs and accessibility helped us to create a frictionless user experience from site entry to purchase success, reducing cart abandonment and improving the user’s overall experience and impression of the company.


The client is one of the top American multinational corporations for medical devices, healthcare and nutrition, providing life-changing technologies to people in over 160 countries.