Case Study


By TrueNode
23 March 2023, 12:17

  • Delivered in 4 weeks

  • UI & visual branding redesigned

  • Reusable component library created

The story

The team of reached out to us to help them solve issues they identified on their website and advise them in selecting a headless CMS for their content management.

By auditing and conducting multiple user interviews to test the website, we found that various usability and navigation issues were causing friction and frustration for visitors. We also learned that the visual styles were outdated and inconsistent and caused readability issues. Additionally, the branding was not reminiscent of Maddox’s values, so users left the site with the wrong impression of the company.

After a detailed analysis of Maddox’s website challenges and content management requirements, we recommended selecting a traditional CMS to reduce the cost of implementation.

The solution

Our brand strategy focused on visually communicating the company’s values, messaging, and personality through updated styles and layouts. The new visual branding demonstrates that the company is innovative, techie, and exciting while being trustworthy experts in their field.

Continuing to collaborate closely with Maddox stakeholders, we updated the site’s UX and UI design to improve its usability, accessibility, and navigation and to make CTAs more straightforward. This created a frictionless user experience from site entry to booking a product trial. Further user testing confirmed that we resolved all the identified usability issues within 20 days.

Lastly, we organized the updated brand styles and reusable UI elements into a style guide and component library for Maddox’s designers and developers to use for digital scalability and consistency in the future.


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