Case Study


By TrueNode
28 March 2022, 16:02

  • 12 weeksTo MVP delivery

  • +2.500Products listed in the shop

  • 4 Major cities covered in the shop

The story

Acting in the highly competitive online pharmacy market, Kurando intended to set up the mobile app for their OTC (over-the-counter medication) online shop as fast as possible. Besides the pressure of going to market quickly, finding a sustainable solution for their long-term operational processes was a complex challenge. Not only did Kurando require a strong foundation for their backoffice, they also needed the highest degree of flexibility in their online shop to enable the most personalized shopping experience for their customers.

The solution

To address both of these challenges, we implemented a headless commerce system and a modern front-end mobile application within less than three months. As the first step, we established objective evaluation criteria to select the best possible headless commerce vendor for kurando. Subsequently, we analysed kurando’s business model (i.e. customer target groups, pharmacy sales channels, product types/variants etc.) in detail to define the architecture and the solution setup for the data model.

We implemented a headless commerce back-office solution to reduce the manual effort of operations and secure high flexibility of the shop. To ensure a state-of-the-art customer experience, we conducted a benchmark analysis of the current eCommerce/last-mile delivery market and designed the best possible user flow for the end customers. Our team leveraged the front-end Flutter framework to deliver highly flexible mobile applications for both iOs and Android. We used Nest.js and GraphQL for the back-end and Circle CI and Terraform for CI/CD and infrastructure management.


Kurando is a health care online shop that enables users to purchase (OTC) medication online and have it delivered within 30 minutes to their doorstep. In the long-run, Kurando will extend their services by developing digital solutions for the patient’s treatment process and medication reordering.