Consistently communicate your values to stand out from the crowd and build deep customer loyalty and trust over time.

Why with us?

We now live in an era of choice.
Better products emerge every minute and they are just a click away. A brilliant product isn’t enough. Not having a strong brand identity leaves you out of the game. You need a brand that communicates your values in a consistent way that builds feep connections and trust over time.


How we can help you

In which cases can we help you with branding?

Distinguish your company from the competition

Articulate and communicate your unique core values. Position and differentiate yourselves, and resonate with your target audience at an emotional level.

Build trust and loyalty from your audience

The brand itself is a valuable asset and a consistent visual identity helps build lasting trust and customer loyalty over time.

Achieve laser focus in your marketing efforts

Branding sets the direction for developing consistent content and communications strategies. Lack of clear direction could result in financial and loyalty losses.

What we do

Our Branding Process

We take a phased approach to ensure success

Branding Strategy
1 week

A discovery phase to learn more about you, your company and most importantly your customers.

  • Brand strategy workshop

    We will conduct a workshop together, to shape the purpose and values of the brand, the future goals, the audience, the messaging and the character of the brand.

  • Market research & competitor analysis

    We will conduct market research and competitor analysis to figure out how your brand can stand out in a good way. We will approach your project from all angles, ensuring the work meets absolutely top standards.

  • Creation of the brand strategy

    We will process the results to form the brand strategy of your brand. The brand strategy will drive all future aesthetic decisions.

Logo Design
2 weeks

You get only one chance to get your logo right before you start pouring money into your marketing.

  • Market research and competitor analysis.

    Starting with market research and competitor analysis to figure out how your logo can stand out in a good way. We will approach your project from all angles, ensuring the work meets absolutely top standards.

  • Offer you 3 proposals to choose from.

    We will iterate on different ideas and then narrow it down to 3 main logo proposals, including their variations and design rational. It will be up to you to decide which direction the logo will take

  • Refine and finalize chosen logo.

    After you chose a direction for the logo, we will design the final logo in best quality and high resolution.

Brand Identity
1 week

Creating a brand identity takes less time when the brand strategy is already created, because all design decisions can be consistently based on that.

  • Translate brand strategy from oral to visual

    Taking into consideration the work done in the brand strategy and also market research and competitor analysis, we start defining the visual elements that will transfer the messaging of the brand.

  • Offer you different variations to choose from

    We will iterate on different ideas and offer you some alternatives to choose from, but all will follow the direction of the brand identity.

  • Wrap up design style

    After you chose the elements you like, we will work on making everything that we designed so far consistent, and define the final design style of the brand.


Our Approach

Your Journey

We will work together from brand strategy to the application of your new visual identity



The marketplace is crowded. Know who you are, know what you do best, and know who you serve. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.



Unclear positioning and lack of direction in your marketing activities is the quickest way to lose money and customer loyalty.



The logo is the cornerstone of your brand’s aesthetic and reception. The quality of your logo sets the tone for the rest of the visual branding.



We define the styles of every visual element of your brand, accompanied with detailed instructions of application for each one.



Apply the visual styles across your assets such as website, social media, digital comms, business cards, stationary, slides and email templates.


Case Studies

// Insurance

HDI Seguros

In order to keep their competitive edge, HDI approached us to validate a novel product idea, develop the product and introduce it to the market.

// Marketplaces


Carvana approached us to help them with optimizing and automation of their entire data collection and management process - from crawling to publishing cars.

// Marketplaces


Hipcamp approached us to help them with understanding and fixing problems associated with user tracking, data quality, and data completeness.


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Frederik Hamann
Managing Partner
Frederik Hamann

Client Feedback

"“We experience the TrueNode x Symphony teams as groups of people thinking out of the box, looking left and right on how to solve and improve given tasks. They are very proactive and are eager in introducing improvements to create an even better product.” "
Engineering Director
Leading European Online Pharmacy
""We really enjoyed working with TrueNode. They helped us turn an idea into an MVP in just a few months.""
Matteo Delbrück
CEO - Swiss Organic Partners
""Great performance.""
Mario Albarran
CMO - HDI Mexico
""Since we partnered with TrueNode our tech staffing is really effortless. The talent is top-notch and their project management is on point - keep up that great work!""
Tobias Urban
CEO - W11 Network

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