Case Study


By TrueNode
01 November 2019, 11:20

Largest camping marketplace


  • 25%Increase in Bookings

  • $41M Raised by a16z & more

  • 4xNLP Techniques Applied

The story

Hipcamp approached us to help them with understanding and fixing problems associated with user tracking, data quality, and data completeness. 

We put together a team to set up a recommender system algorithm, a solution for improving similar listing recommendations and real-time personalization in search ranking that increased booking conversion by 25% during peak periods. In addition, we built an experiment A/B test analysis framework and algorithms to help analyze user behavior and marketing ROI. By using different NLP techniques, we developed a framework that automatically flags all products with inconsistent data about accommodation type, price, location, etc. based on the user comments.

Accelerated urbanization has made the future of the countryside increasingly uncertain

Younger Americans are flowing into cities; the percentage of the United States population living in rural areas has dropped below fifteen per cent. Hipcamp, like Airbnb, is a response to, or a symptom of, this broader trend.

Creating economic opportunities in rural communities

“There’s no other company like Hipcamp that we think of that’s the new tech-enabled outdoors company” - Andrew Chen, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz


Hipcamp is an online marketplace that enables users to search for available campsites based on location, natural landscape, activities offered, and amenities, filter by the tent, RV camping, and lodging type, book, review, and upload photos of public campgrounds in State and National Parks. The company has a mission to get more people outside and to inspire the next generation who are passionate about exploring & protecting lands. Currently, Hipcamp covers 9,743 Parks, 18,882 Campgrounds and 370,049 Campsites across the USA.


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