We build flexible, composable and personalized eCommerce
platforms to elevate the digital experience of your customers

Are you a retail looking to stay competitive in the future of eCommerce?

For established brands looking to modernize their legacy systems or integrate greenfield projects. For startups or scaleups building their eCommerce platform from scratch.

eCommerce system architecture design

We evaluate the setup of your data modelling and understand your business model to define the best architecture solution that suits your data organization

Technical evaluation of potential vendors

We evaluate the provider and tool-specific possibilities and limitations and select the ones that are the best match for you

System integration and platform implementation

We build cross-functional teams between the client and the implementation provider to secure proper knowledge transfer and risk mitigation from the early start of the project

The MACH Principles

MACH architecture is the modern infrastructure that enables businesses to deliver customer-centric and future-proof eCommerce platforms. It provides a truly modular environment that allows businesses to quickly adapt to any emerging technologies with less risks.

  • Cloud-native

    The software development and delivery are entirely cloud-based, allowing for reliability and scalability.

  • Headless

    Backend processes are separated from front-end, so that personalized UX experiences can be created.

  • Microservices

    Specific business functionalities that are individually developed, deployed and managed.

  • API-first

    All functionalities are exposed through an API, making it possible to tie together two or more applications or services.




Seamless upgrades


High availability

Higher development speed

We work with the market-leading tech provider in digital commerce

Case Studies

// Insurance

HDI Seguros

// Marketplaces


// Healthcare

Swiss Alpinopharma

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Frederik Hamann
Head of Service Delivery
Frederik Hamann

Client Feedback

"We experience the TrueNode/Symphony teams as groups of people thinking out of the box, looking left and right on how to solve and improve given tasks. They are very proactive and are eager in introducing improvements to create an even better product."
Engineering Director
Leading European Online Pharmacy
"We really enjoyed working with TrueNode. They helped us turn an idea into an MVP in just a few months."
Matteo Delbrück
CEO - Swiss Organic Partners
"Great performance."
Mario Albarran
CMO - HDI Mexico
"Since we partnered with TrueNode our tech staffing is really effortless. The talent is top-notch and their project management is on point - keep up that great work!"
Tobias Urban
CEO - W11 Network

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