UI Design

Turn your product sketches into a high fidelity prototype. Increase your existing product’s usability and intuitiveness. Help your website visitors find information and get more sign ups.

Why with us?

We believe that design is about solving problems through empathy. Using our phased approach, with focus on empathizing with your audience during early testing and design validation, we ensure that your product or website’s interface is provenly optimized to be usable, delightful to interact with, and visually appealing while successfully conveying your brand personality to your target users.


How we can help you

In which cases can we help you with UI Design?

Design & test a new product concept

Design an intuitive, accessible, visually appealing new product and test it on users to validate its effectiveness.

Test & redesign parts of your existing app

Make your app easier to use, more memorable, accessible and appealing to increase popularity & user retention.

Test & redesign your website

Help your visitors find the information they need & make signing up for your product easier and more tempting

What we do

Our UI design process

We take a phased approach to ensure success

Research & Strategy
Understanding the problem space

A discovery phase to ensure that each aesthetic decision will be driven by your customers’ needs and your company values, setting ourselves up to create the most successful design for your business.

  • User Research

    We test for usability painpoints, conduct desk research and competitor benchmarking, and create a user persona and moodboard.

  • Market & Competitor Research

    We test for usability painpoints, conduct desk research and competitor benchmarking, and create a user persona and moodboard.

  • User Persona

    We test for usability painpoints, conduct desk research and competitor benchmarking, and create a user persona and moodboard.

  • Moodboard & Art Direction

    We test for usability painpoints, conduct desk research and competitor benchmarking, and create a user persona and moodboard.

Style Guide
define branding & art direction

We define guidelines for the usage and creation of stylistic elements to ensure visual brand consistency across your product or website.

  • Style Guide

    Based on your branding, we define your colour palette, typography, and other stylistic elements and create guidelines for their usage.

  • User Interface Components

    We define and create reusable interface components such as buttons, cards, and form fields, using the guidelines from the style guide.

  • Art Direction Alignment

    We align with you and other stakeholders on the styles, components and other artistic direction before we begin designing your product’s screens.

Wireframing & Prototyping
design high fidelity wireframes

We design a custom interface, focusing on usability and accessibility, while implementing your brand identity & styles across all screens.

  • Mid Fidelity Wireframing

    We increase your sketches or low fidelity wireframes to mid fidelity, adding elements from the style guide to make the designs clean, visually interesting, and consistent.

  • High Fidelity Prototyping

    We increase the level of detail on the design to exactly how we want it to be built. We ensure each detail helps the user to quickly and easily achieve their goals, while wanting to see more.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Your screens are optimised for different devices to ensure that your users always see the design perfectly on their various screen sizes.

Testing & Iteration
Get feedback from target audience

We validate the effectiveness of the new interface and styles through user testing, perfect the designs, and smoothly hand over to the developer.

  • Usability Testing

    We test the new design on users to assess its usability, accessibility, visual appeal, to ensure that we have designed the right thing and to discover how to improve it even more.

  • Iteration

    We gather insights from the results of the user testing and use them to make the last changes to make the designs as usable, accessible and visually appealing as possible.

  • Developer Handoff

    We perfect the designs ready to be built by the developer and provide them with documentation to ensure it can be built quickly and exactly as planned.


Our Approach

Your Journey

We will work together from product vision to development.



Learn about your users and their painpoints, so we know what to design and can base our work on real needs. This drives all our aesthetic decisions.


Define style guide

Based on the art direction decided in Phase 1, this will ensure design consistency and greatly speed up the design and development phases.



Usable, accessible, navigable, learnable screen design with cohesive visual branding will increase trust, interest, and loyalty in your users.



Ensure the designs are successful: that users understand and are highly satisfied with the new interface and visual communication.



Perfect the design in high-fidelity responsive wireframes and ensure a clean handover to development.


Case Studies

// Insurance

HDI Seguros

In order to keep their competitive edge, HDI approached us to validate a novel product idea, develop the product and introduce it to the market.

// Marketplaces


Carvana approached us to help them with optimizing and automation of their entire data collection and management process - from crawling to publishing cars.

// Marketplaces


Hipcamp approached us to help them with understanding and fixing problems associated with user tracking, data quality, and data completeness.


Let’s scope your project together

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Frederik Hamann
Head of Service Delivery
Frederik Hamann

Client Feedback

"We experience the TrueNode x Symphony teams as groups of people thinking out of the box, looking left and right on how to solve and improve given tasks. They are very proactive and are eager in introducing improvements to create an even better product."
Engineering Director
Leading European Online Pharmacy
"We really enjoyed working with TrueNode. They helped us turn an idea into an MVP in just a few months."
Matteo Delbrück
CEO - Swiss Organic Partners
"Great performance."
Mario Albarran
CMO - HDI Mexico
"Since we partnered with TrueNode our tech staffing is really effortless. The talent is top-notch and their project management is on point - keep up that great work!"
Tobias Urban
CEO - W11 Network

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