Case Study

HDI Seguros

By TrueNode
10 March 2022, 15:30


  • 3 monthsTo MVP launch

  • +5000 Users since launch

  • +20% Initial conversion rate

The story

In order to keep their competitive edge, HDI approached us to validate a novel product idea, develop the product and introduce it to the market. The original idea, a freelancing platform tailored to the Latin American market, had the goal of connecting innovative SMEs with top freelancers. When embarking on such a cutting edge approach for the continent, focusing on creating as much value for users in a short amount of time becomes a daunting task. 


The solution

Leveraging our entrepreneurial and product development experience, we worked alongside the HDI innovation team to create an initial plan. After many interviews with our target segment, as well as targeted surveys and market analysis, we were able to mitigate several of the main risks.

We then moved on to defining the product strategy and its implementation. Within two months, we launched the beta version, another two months after, we launched an updated version. Our team of engineers managed the development of the platform and the technical infrastructure with the backend in React & Java. Today the venture is still up and running, and has grown from 0 to over 5.000 active users.


HDI has been one of the biggest European insurance groups for decades with a wide and needs-based range of insurance solutions and accompanying services.