Case Study

Desktop version of a hotelier


By TrueNode
03 February 2022, 10:21


  • 55+Hoteliers signed up within 3 months

  • 13 New Hotels onboarded within 3 months

  • ReducedThe hotel listing time from weeks to minutes

The story

In order to maintain their competitive edge, TUI approached us to help them modernize their hotel onboarding process.

TUI wanted to enable hoteliers to list their properties quickly, seamlessly and autonomously, to sell more rooms on The predicted added benefit was freeing up the capacity of the secondary user, their customer service and contracting team.

The project’s secondary goal was to attract more hoteliers with an additional offering: smart pricing and promotion recommendations based on market and competitor data, giving the user a competitive advantage to boost their room sales.

The solution

Our team built a webapp where hoteliers can create their hotel on an app and sign the contract digitally to list their hotel autonomously and quickly on TUI’s The Lodging Place site. The initial idea was to build a native mobile app, but based on user research, we opted for a web app, as our users review and enter a lot of data about the hotels on desktop.

As TLP is not directly under the TUI brand, we also created a new visual brand identity including a logo. We are building an additional service on the app to help hoteliers manage and increase revenue via competitive pricing recommendations, promotion suggestions, rates and allotments, etc.


TUI is the world’s largest leisure, travel and tourism company. It owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores.