Venture driven products

The product lifecycle

Why do so many products fail?

Products fail to make meaningful financial returns or they fail before they’ve launched at all. They fail because they’re disconnected from the user and the problem or because they’re targeting the wrong market with the wrong business model. They fail because finding highly skilled product managers, marketers and engineers is hard, resulting in long, siloed development cycles, delayed launches and poor execution. They fail because they don’t focus on the right value metric from the start.

Even successful products eventually fail because, too often, companies go into product maintenance-mode and forget to reinvent themselves before it’s too late.

Opportunities and Pitfalls
on the Digital Product Lifecycle

Meaningful products

We want to transform the way corporates evolve and ventures emerge by putting continuous product-obsession at the heart of business. We bring the lean, fast, data-driven spirit of venture into our process and we want to design for the long-term, not just the MVP.

A venture mindset keeps us grounded in building products with honesty. So many products are built without rigorous validation based on business needs, customer feedback and market fitness. At TrueNode, our process is always informed by inflection points. We carefully steer inflection points using evidence and navigate them through our growth framework.

  • Customer Are we solving a real user need and business problem?

  • Business Vision Do we have a strong vision in place? Do we add value to that vision?

  • Org. Model Are we capable to continuously deliver value to our customers?

  • Architecture Is my software architecture in line with my business goals?

  • Infrastructure Are we able to continuously integrate and deploy new customer needs to my product at a consistent speed and quality?

Our promise


we only work on things we really believe in and we do it the way we would for ourselves.


we don’t stop at ideas or prototypes, we commit to executing the full product lifecycle.


our open-minded, collaborative team is deeply dedicated to transparency and feedback. Mutual respect and reciprocity are pillars in our partnerships.


the future of work is remote, plural, collaborative and open source; our community of practice brings together a tribe of like-minded talent who want to chart a better path for innovation.

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