Case Study

Woow Club

By TrueNode
03 January 2022, 10:16

  • Validatedproduct concept

  • EnhancedShopping experience

  • +30k Registered users

The story

Woow Club approached us to design an end-to-end product that guides users towards a better shopping experience by analysing the interplay of one’s natural hair colour,  eye colour and skin tone. We were responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the product and delivered a validated user experience for web and mobile.


The solution

We started by testing the raw product idea of Woow club. After identifying several users for interviews and product testing we started a phase of research and data collection. This helped us to to identify the core features of the product and to attract already a first community of the MVP.

The overall goal of the product is to create a more sustainable shopping experience for the user. Therefore, it was particularly important for us to suggest products that actually fit the preferences of the user to minimise returns. We integrated style recommendations and ML colour analysis to support the user to find the right products. Woow Club launched within 3 months and was able to generate a high 5 digit user base within only 6 months.


Woow club is revolutionising personalised colour palettes according to users’ natural colours, through scientific data of colour theory and aesthetics.