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Woow Club

By TrueNode
10 March 2021, 09:14

  • ValidatedProduct Concept

  • PersonalRecommendations

  • EnhancedShopping experience

The story

Woow Club approached us to design an end-to-end product that is guiding users towards better color choices by analyzing the interplay of one’s natural hair color,  eye color and skin tone. We were responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of the product and delivered a tested and validated user experience.

The goal of Woow Club is to revolutionize personalized color palettes according to user’s natural colors, through scientific data of color theory and aesthetics. Their vision to form a platform that functions as a personal dressing and make-up advisor, that delivers highly personalized recommendations while relying on a small workforce, immediately got us hooked to work on the project.

We started testing and validating the raw product idea. After identifying several users for interviews and product testing we started a phase of research and data collection. This helped sharpen a product profile that has a good product-market-fit and serves the needs of the customers.

Ultimately, we built their product from scratch and validated the product as well as user journey along the way through rigorous UX/UI testing. Now, the accessible product helps customers identify which colors match their natural tones. This enhances the user experience and reduces the total amount of shopping, contributing to a more sustainable market.

Easy onboarding and user flow

Rigorous usability testing helped us design a user interface that is understandable and welcomes new users that join the platform.

Your personal woow color

With the power of data we enabled Woow Club to provide tailor-made color recommendations that deliver on a high level while requiring a small workforce.

Style recommendations and fashion suggestions

With the expertise of the Woow Club team we integrated clothing recommendations based on your personal color profile.


Woow Club launched in early 2021. By providing a personalized color scheme that suits every woman, they enable everybody to find exactly the right products from the enormous oversupply of products out there. By buying less and wearing the right clothes for longer, textile waste and CO2 footprint are reduced.