Case Study


By TrueNode
25 September 2020, 13:21

  • +16 MonthsActive Partnership

  • 30%System Stability Improvement

  • Real-TimeStock Visualization

The story

We teamed up with infosel to reinvent and reposition their flagship product and stop customer churn. Acting as an interim CTO we developed strategies to address user pain points and for organizational restructuring. We further established a plan for cloud migration and coached the in-house engineers to manage development and technical debt.

Rebuilding a 30-year-old financial platform from the ground up

We paid particular attention to current technology trends and the profiles of the existing employees specializing in technologies that are no longer considered leading edge to avoid replacing most of the engineering team and decreasing employee satisfaction. We started coaching the Infosel IT team on the technologies and development methodologies they weren’t familiar with so they would be development-ready at the kickoff.

Enabling financial professionals to track stock prices in real time

The solution enables financial professionals to track stock and equity prices in real-time. Each user can customize their workspace, track financial data, and set up multiple workspaces to enable granular insights about individual stocks. Tables, charts, and notification panels help track single or multiple stocks/equities. Improved UI elements, stock price visualization and a search functionality add additional value.


The Invia Capital team, who have a strong background in asset management and investment banking and not much IT experience, wanted to reinvent Infosel, a 30-year-old company they acquired and reposition their flagship product without sacrificing employee satisfaction.