Case Study

Healthy Workers

By TrueNode
04 October 2019, 08:15

Employee wellbeing


  • 3-PieceTechnology platform

  • +20%Productivity Increase

  • Scaling upFully-fledged Remote Setup

The story

Healthy Workers has approached a strategic inflection point leading to a change in vision, which required them to supercharge development and attain their outcome targets. We integrated to become part of a team for several months and then extended Healthy Workers with a decentralized and remote setup with front-end, back-end, QA, and DevOps engineers, as well as a Project Manager. In addition to working on the front-end and mobile applications that allow users to report and track issues from their workspace, we built a module to wire them with a back-end system that obtains sensitive environment data, calculates them, and suggests the best conditions for that working environment. 

HealthyWorkers is increasing employees wellbeing at the workspace

Happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees. When it comes to salespeople, happiness has an even greater impact, raising sales by 37%. But the benefits don't end there.

High-performing teams need psychological safety

Google’s two year studies revealed that the highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety, the belief that you won’t be punished when you make a mistake. HealthyWorkers provides the tools and platform to augment every angle of employee wellbeing.


Healthy Workers has been around since 2016, growing from a small plant-office-delivery startup to a leading international employee wellbeing platform. Their real-time platform makes wellbeing at work tangible and measurable, and the improvement of the employee work, business culture, and physical & mental health is done by gathering data from sensors in smart buildings and doing detailed analytics on the data. The system provides features for constant feedback from the employees.


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