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TrueNode Product Webinar: Unlock the Potential of Design Systems and Systematic Design

By Elena Dimoska
03 May 2023, 14:21

The world’s most successful product companies have something in common when it comes to design – Brilliant Design Systems.

Design system is an integral part of UX/UI design because it ensures a consistent, scalable, and efficient approach to designing digital products. 

In 2014, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp was followed by a lengthy, manual design process that resulted in millions of dollars in development costs. The lack of a design system caused communication issues between designers and developers, leading to wasted time. Implementing a design system can prevent these inefficiencies. Companies that use design systems can create design standards that can be implemented consistently across multiple projects.

What will you learn in our Webinar on Design Systems?

In this webinar, Dan Parry, and Milan Vukelic, Founder of muse case labs, a design bootcamp, discuss how design systems help companies to create superior user experiences and interfaces, save time and money, and create design standards that can be implemented consistently across multiple projects.

The webinar covers the following questions:

  • What is and what is not a Design System?

  • When should your company adopt a Design System?

  • Building Design Systems in Figma

  • Why are Design Systems so popular?

  • How hard is it to implement a Design System?

  • What goes into a Design System?

  • What challenges will a company face when implementing a Design System?

  • Methods for testing and updating a design component

Watch the video to find how you can use design systems to advance your UI/UX and product design!

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If you are looking to advance your UI/UX and product design and consider implementing a design system for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us!