Cross-brand Partnerships Enable Enterprises to Innovate: Steffi Granacher, Head of Strategic Partnerships at TrueNode

Cross-brand Partnerships Enable Enterprises to Innovate: Steffi Granacher, Head of Strategic Partnerships at TrueNode

By Elena Dimoska
29 November 2022, 12:32

To enable companies to continuously innovate and develop novel products and solutions, we often join forces with other brands. 

In our second ‘Meet the Team’ interview we introduce Steffi Garnacher, Head of Strategic Partnerships at TrueNode, responsible for creating, implementing and further developing our global channel partnership strategy.

In her answers, Steffi provides tips to innovators working on building their next digital product and shares some interesting facts about her role, her favourite book and what is the one thing in the world that she would change if she had the power to.

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1. What is your role in helping TrueNode and its partners/clients thrive?

My main strength lies in building authentic relationships with clients and partners. I love to explore synergies between TrueNode and our partners/clients and come up with out-of-the-box ways on how to further drive technology adoption on an enterprise level. Using technology enables our end customers to provide extraordinary user experiences and stand out from the masses of existing brands.

2. What is your advice to innovators working on building their next digital product?

Always being with the user persona, who’s problem your product solves, first. Do not compromise on generating enough validation to ensure firstly problem-solution-fit and secondly product-market-fit before building and scaling your digital product end-to-end.

3. A project you are most proud of? What were the challenges, the solutions and the results? 

I published a self-reflection booklet during COVID-19. Initially it was challenging to find an entry point to start the whole writing process. Driving this together with a partner, gathering feedback from friends and testing it continuously helped overcome this challenge. The result were 25 early adopters, who gave very positive feedback on the experience and reported that this booklet has helped them to structure their thoughts and plans and provided focus on priority projects for the upcoming years. After multiple iterations, version 3 of the booklet will be published by the end of December 2022.

4. Three most exciting things about being part of the TN team?

  • Autonomy and independence in conceptualizing and implementing our partnership strategy;
  • Shaping and building our culture, and
  • Working at the pulse of time as part of Berlin’s tech and start-up

5. How can strategic partnerships fuel growth and innovation??

I am a firm believer in cross-brand collaborations and partnerships, which help enterprises better understand their end consumer’s preferences, needs and pain points. The same consumer reveals different information with different companies. Combining different sources of information within the framework of the existent regulations leads to a more extensive picture of the end user, which in turn enables enterprises to continuously innovate and develop novel products and solutions.

the importance of strategic partnerships in product development

6. If you had a superpower to change one thing in the world, what change would you make?

Make education accessible to everybody.

7. What is your Pantone Color?

Minion Yellow 13-0851 TCX

Team members' favorite pantone color

8. What is your Thinking Hat in Problem Solving?

White Hat

Problem Solving Hats

9. A book everyone should read?

The Execution Factor: The one skill that drives success by Kim Perell

10. Fun fact about yourself?

I love being active out in nature and in particular climbing mountains; me and a couple of friends have crossed the Alps by foot in 2018.

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