True Due Diligence

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True technology due diligence and assessment on core value drivers

We deliver an in-depth analysis on technology to confirm assumptions that support critical decisions, gather information to assess integration initiatives and identify unknown risks. Our thorough methodology ensures that we measure companies from the inside in short time and provide actionable insight reports to guide towards untapped potentials and hidden risks. Technology challenges have a high degree of commonality across industries and verticals. We see that digital transformation drivers mostly lead towards a common north star…

  • What is the actual intellectual property at hand?
  • How can we maintain the value of tech assets?
  • Where to allocate the majority of ressources to?


Shared objectives & common challenges

Velocity comes with the speed of efficient learning and direction of the effective learning that provides continous learning for the businesses.



  • Process & CultureMove quickly and sustainable…
  • Tools & PrinciplesWrite clean and consistent code...
  • Platform & InteractionReact to strategic changes quickly...


  • you explore, iterate and adapt.
  • ...that you can rapidly change.
  • ...integrate, deploy continuously.
Continuous learning

= Velocity

Our Approach

Organization Model

  • Agile methodologies (workflows & processes)
  • Team composition & roles
  • Engineering processes


  • Application architecture
  • Code quality analysis
  • Tools and technologies


  • Network architecture & monitoring
  • Cloud infrastructure analysis
  • CI /CD pipeline & deployment procedures

QA automation

  • QA framework
  • Overview manual QA
  • Overview automation QA


  • Infrastructural migration (on-premise to cloud)
  • Architectural migration (from monolith to microservices)


  • Infrastructure & network
  • Application security
  • Process security


What you get…

At the core we want to unlock what’s slowing down and guide towards new value drivers. Transparency and reciprocity are pillars in our partnerships.

Status quo

Exhaustive Report

Future potential

Action Overview

Status quo

Methods & Tools


Training Material


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We work on the core, not the cosmetic

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Our results have an impact…

…we have proven that our engagements result in positive business impact for our clients.

  • Reduced costs by…

    • Reducing the number of employees processing data
    • Streamlined automated workflow
    • AI based processing
  • Increased efficiency by…

    • Increased booking conversion
    • Technical portfolio expansion
    • Simplified maintenance processes
  • Improved flexibility by…

    • Reduced time-to-market
    • Modernized backends for stabilization and scaling
    • Optimized processes for faster decision making


Data Driven

Both qualitative and quantitative data play a crucial role in our assessment process. Together we make sure that your team will understand and harness the power of data - and rigorously measure the outcomes of their initiatives.

Solution Oriented

We do not simply provide you with details you already know but provide you with actionable recommendations based on our deep expertise and best practices from the market.


Outcomes of our engagement are a collective effort. Mutual respect and reciprocity are key pillars to a successful collaboration. Let’s create an equal environment for everyone to have a voice in how a challenge can be solved.

Custom and Independent

We are independent in our evaluation and not attached to any specific technology or solution. We always tailor our recommendations and solutions to our specific client needs.