Case Study

Digital Life Insurer

By TrueNode
15 October 2020, 13:32

  • BackedBy Valar Ventures

  • 120% FasterProject Delivery

  • 4 TeamsDriving Development

The story

Our client is a life insurance company from the US that entered the market with an all new insurance product, providing easy and affordable life insurance through a fully online service. They needed our technical expertise to take their offering to the next level, as they evolved to a fully licensed insurance carrier and obtained new partners.

In the initial engagement our engineers were assigned the task to redesign a notification system to allow for the creation of new and more complex notifications. We therefore built a completely new operations portal using React, Redux, and TypeScript. Additionally, we implemented a fully configurable and dynamic rules engine that supports white labeling and uses a set of input parameters to determine the type of notification to be sent, the recipient, and which documents to include as an attachment.

Managing regulations and complexity

Projects from the insurance domain typically come with a lot of intricacies and we managed to carefully address the complexity of the problem. We delivered the project 2 weeks prior to the deadline and our engagement with the client continues to grow as we aim to enhance the operations portal with various micro services.

Scaling teams for an ongoing engagement

After the successful initial engagement, we scaled our team to include several back-end and front-end engineers, to work on enhancing parts of the operations portal with different microservices. These include functions like storing documents, policy management, customer management and onboarding as well as payment processing and handling insurance claims.

Growing trust and acting more and more autonomously

In addition to enhancing the operations portal, we took over work on the core platform of our client. Due to our technical expertise we function as a relatively autonomous customer core team, working on the after-sales services vertical, helping the client develop new features and now deploying four teams, all of which are working on different parts of the product.


We partnered with this Silicon Valley backed digital life insurer to reinvent life insurance in a greenfield approach. They leveraged our technical expertise to enhance their core platform and to build an operations portal to support their growth as they evolved into a fully licensed insurance carrier. They currently estimate an annual revenue of $4M.